You get up early in the morning and you work all day. That’s the only secret_ Philip Glass

Our Expertise

 At Openstudio Academy, our small class size simulates a university classroom and encourages the exchange of ideas. Our project-based training is fully integrated with curriculum being taught in universities today, ensuring students can compete at the highest level and take full advantage of their post-secondary education. Since founding Openstudio in 2009, Mr. Lu and Ms. Chen have had the honour to represent their alma maters, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Parsons The New School for Design as portfolio judges on National Portfolio Day. National Portfolio day is the largest portfolio event in North America, held annually at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. 


卢老师陈老师分别毕业于名校芝加哥艺术学院/School of the Art Institute of Chicago和纽约帕森斯设计学院/Parsons School of Design. 2009年起受邀担任母校作品集评审重要职位, 阅览学生作品无数, 奠定他们在名校申请和设计教育上的领导地位.

历年来在艾米丽.卡尔艺术大学举办的作品集审查日每年十二月开始, 为参加活动的欧, 美, 加国艺术设计院校提供宣传推广学校和接触有潜质学生的平台. 同时也为学生在正式提交申请前进一步了解学校专业要求, 评估自己的作品集水准, 试探学校录取意向等提供了机会


  • 百分百名校录取. 由名校出身老师全程规化指导
  • 探索学生特质及潜能. 全力突显作品集个性和独创性
  • 小班制教学模拟名校学习环境. 多元化教学接轨名校课程
  • 强调资料搜集. 过程构思表述. 加强写作口语表达能力
  • 锻练扎实基础技, 培养创意及专业能力


Our Faculty